Arshdeep Matharu – New Zealand Fine Art Photographer.. of sorts.

We’ve moved – and my hopes for this blog for 2018

After spending almost two and half years in the coolest little capital in the world, Wellington, we (my wife and I) have moved back to my hometown of Auckland. This change has been a work in progress for last 3 months and on 12th February, we boarded the hour-long flight to Auckland along with our life packed in 8 boxes and two suitcases. While Wellington has been great for me personally, it probably hasn’t been great for my photographic work. […]

This Week’s Photo – Desert Clouds – Study 2 – Morocco – Michael Kenna

For this photo, I return to one of my favourite contemporary photographer, Michael Kenna. This image is of the shapes formed by the desert clouds in Morocco taken in 1996. When I first look at this image, shape of the could immediately caught my attention. This is not surprising given that they take up roughly 80% of the frame vertically. While I may well be theorising too much into this, I think the clouds create somewhat of leading lines leading […]

Three Things I Learnt from Abstract: Art of Design – Episode 8

The final episode of Abstract: Art of Design is about Ilse Crawford – Interior Designer from London. Ilse is a designer, author and a teacher. Professionally, she’s perhaps best known for her work with IKEA. Here are the three takeaways from the episode. It all starts with a vision. Like so many other artists covered in this series before her, all her work starts with vision too. Ilse knows what she wants the visitors to her place to feel like. […]

This Week’s Photo – Holi Festival, Rajasthan – Steve McCurry

As I continue to build up towards my upcoming trip to the Taj Mahal and Rajasthan, I want to explore few more iconic pictures from that part of the world. The one is from Steve McCurry, taken during the Holi festival in Rajasthan. This is a simply beautiful image. I’m first to admit that I do not understand colour theory all that well. But what I do know is that red and green sit opposite each other on the colour […]