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This photo was taken around 2008 while I was on a photo tour with a local photography group. The group co-ordinator took us to nooks and crannies of Auckland that I had no idea existed. A whole block of run down, broken buildings waiting to be demolished (and probably have been demolished by now). Thoughts running through my head that day were of surprise and conflict. So close to the beautiful buildings in CBD was this block of run down […]

Chasing Originality

Originality been the holy grail of photography that many of us have chased. Yet, like happiness, love and money, it’s not something we can chase and acquire. If we chase hapiness, we will never be happy. More than likely we will end up in some sort of a rehab program. Similarly, if we chase originality we will never be original. Please follow and like us:

Wild West

Auckland’s West Coast – consisting of five main beaches – Whatipu, Kerekere, Piha, Bethells and Muriwai have always been the places where I have found solitude. That’s not to say that these places are peaceful or even quiet. To me, these waterfronts at best of times are wild, rugged, dark and angry. The stories of missing people, drownings, sinking ferries and hauntings that have added to the legend of these places. Yet there is something magnificent about them. Please follow […]