Monthly Archives: July 2017

This Week’s Photo – UnSeen – David duChemin

This week’s image that I have selected to share for discussion is called UnSeen by David duChemin in Nepal. It’s an image of an elderly street beggar who remains unnoticed and to a large extent – unseen by the passerby. This story is told powerfully by use of slower shutter speed to highlight the contrast between the movements of the passerby while the subject remains static. Another element to note about this image is the powerful use of leading lines […]

Basics of Photography – Part 1 – The Craft

Basics of photography, by definition are universal – and have been universal since the dawn of the craft. Tons of past and contemporary photographers have written about them. I know that a simple Google search will confirm that. So why have I decided to write yet another primer on f-stops and ISOs? It is my hope that maybe, just maybe, those who have struggled to grasp the concepts elsewhere may find the answers here. I know it’s a bold statement […]

This Week’s Photo – Prado Museum – Elliot Erwitt

Elliot Erwitt is probably one of my all time favourite photographers. His humorous cheekiness is apparent in all of his images and often hint at a deeper message behind them. He is the master of timing and his photographs often are full of irony and absurdity. Out of all the photographers of the last generation, I suspect he’d be the most fun to hang out with. This particular image, which I believe is from the series called Museum Watching is […]

Three Things I Learnt From Abstract: The Art of Design – Episode 3

Episode 3 of Art of Abstract is about Es Devlin who is an award-winning stage designer who has collaborated with likes of Kanye West, Beyonce, U2 and also designed the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. I’m not going to lie about it – out of three episodes so far, this is the one that I definitely struggled with the most to make it relatable to fine art photography. It probably didn’t help that I saw this episode at […]