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Three Things I Learnt from Abstract: Art of Design – Episode 8

The final episode of Abstract: Art of Design is about Ilse Crawford – Interior Designer from London. Ilse is a designer, author and a teacher. Professionally, she’s perhaps best known for her work with IKEA. Here are the three takeaways from the episode. It all starts with a vision. Like so many other artists covered in this series before her, all her work starts with vision too. Ilse knows what she wants the visitors to her place to feel like. […]

Three Things I Learnt From Abstract: The Art of Design – Episode 7

Ever since I started watching this series, this is the one episode that I have been really looking forward to. It did not disappoint. The episode is about Planton Antoniou, a British portrait photographer currently practicing in New York. To call him a portrait photographer though, would be a massive understatement. Soul photographer seems to be a more apt way to describe him. If you’ve seen his work, you’ll remember him. Next time you see a Platon print, you’ll know […]

Going Deep

I’m in middle of reading Deep Work by Cal Newport. It’s a great book and primarily, it is about shunning distractions in our workplaces and instead of going deep with our work. Similar to how, every once in a while, Bill Gates would go on a “Think Week”. In the book, Cal Newport also describes two types of work – the shallow work – e.g. checking and responding to emails, social media – the work that requires low intellectual capability […]

Three Things I Learnt From Abstract: Art of Design – Episode 5

The fifth episode of Netflix’s Abstract Art of Design is about Ralph Gilles, the Head of global design at Chrysler. Originally from Canada, Ralph joined Chrysler in 1992 and was the lead designer behind the iconic Chrysler 300. Here are three things that I learned from this episode. Follow your dream Son of Haitian immigrants, Ralph started sketching car designs at a young age. in 1987, at age of 17, he sent his designs to the legendary Lee Iacocca at […]