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What Makes a Compelling Photograph?

I’ve recently started working through David DuChemin’s brilliant online course, The Compelling Frame. While I’m now on lesson 3, one of the first things we were asked to confront and answer for ourselves was one simple, basic question – what makes a Compelling photograph? To answer the question, I decided to scroll through This Weeks Photo category of my blog and when I first answered this question in my journal, I noted few things – A Compelling image goes beyond […]

The Compelling Frame

I’m writing this form warm and sunny New Caledonia – French territory in middle of the Pacific Ocean. Originally, I wasn’t planning on publishing anything while on holiday but this is time critical. David duChemin has just launched The Compelling Frame – an online course covering all aspects of visual design. Essentially, it’s teaching you the vocabulary of the visual language. Lessons are video based and they also have an exercises section. Here’s David talking about the course himself. The […]

Personal Projects – An Update

I’m a big fan of personal projects in photography. I deeply believe that personal projects give our work context and cohesion. One of my previous personal projects – Wild West attempted to capture the beauty of Auckland’s west coast, which is known for it’s ruggedness. I attempted to capture that ruggedness in my photographs. Now I thought I’d write a short a blog post to update on two personal projects I’m currently working on. My work is not limited to […]

Collecting Dots

Collecting the dots is the basic tenant from which all creativity begins. Collecting dots basically means being exposed to a large and diverse variety of inputs. These inputs then in their own time, connect in unpredictable ways to produce something unique. Put simply, collecting dots is gathering raw materials for creativity. As far as the photographer is concerned, there are almost no limits on how we can collect dots. Collect dots from other visual fields like painting. Studying composition in […]