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Are You Making or Taking Your Photographs

Are you making your photographs or simply taking them? It’s a seemingly very subtle change in vocabulary but when it comes to creative process, they are completely two different frames of mind. Taking photographs Taking in the context of shooting photographs implies passiveness and lack of involvement in the process. Taking what’s there – so to speak – act of simply recording what’s there. If you believe that’s how photography should be – recording of the moment then that’s fine. […]

New Approach to Photography

Photographers, creatives, and artists tend to be ADHD prone. I’m not making this up; Psychology Today lists studies which have suggested the same. This is has certainly been my experience, at least when it comes to photography. In past I have photographed various subjects in the outdoor world, and often with various techniques. I’ve gone from shooting at nights and then shooting at the sea the next morning. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing this, but in my experience […]

Chasing Originality

Originality been the holy grail of photography that many of us have chased. Yet, like happiness, love and money, it’s not something we can chase and acquire. If we chase hapiness, we will never be happy. More than likely we will end up in some sort of a rehab program. Similarly, if we chase originality we will never be original. Please follow and like us: