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Canon 5D Mark IV – My Thoughts and Review

Considering that the camera was released sometime in 2016, I am admittedly very late to the “review” scene for the Canon 5D Mark IV. But then again, I’m not really the person to test and review the camera technically. There are many other people with lot more resources better placed to do that. Folks at DPReview come to mind. Or perhaps the good people at The Digital Picture. In this article though, I hope to leave my personal and subjective […]

Holy Sh##! Now We Can All Be Award Winning Photographers

If you’ve been in a race to make your own ‘Award-Winning’ photos, I’m sorry to break it to you – but you’ve just lost the race to automation. Satirically named the Trophy Camera, this AI-powered camera only shoots ‘Award-Winning’ photos. Full automation seems to be the unrestrained goal of technology and that includes photography and other creative works. Consider the AI that wrote a novel and nearly won a literary award. These advances in technology may seem damning for the […]

Gear does not define the photographer

As hard as it is for me to admit it, I will come right out and say it. I do not own a full frame camera and own none of the lenses with a shiny red ring. I own few filters but they are not high end by any stretch of imagination and my tripod is a fairly basic. But the reason why it is hard for me to admit this publicly is because somewhere in my mind, I connected […]