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Monochrome Auckland Downtown

One of my earliest memories when it comes to photography is looking at night images of light trails cast by moving vehicles. This memory became my inspiration for the personal project that I am currently working on. I am yet to name it, but it involves shooting Auckland landscapes at night in a manner different to how I have shot them before. I have decided to make all the images in this project black and white and cropped to square. […]

Night and Day

This week's photo was taken on a beach in west Auckland called Kerekere. I was photographing with a friend and on this evening, as far as we could see, we were the only two people on the whole beach. It was just after sunset and the weather was starting to close in. Towards the end of the shoot, I noticed that on one side of the beach was clear, evening sky and the other side had dark, thick clouds. This […]

Whatipu Sunset

This week I am sharing a photo that has been a long time favorite for me. This photo was shot in Whatipu which is a secluded beach in Auckland. I love this photo because of the challenging situations it was taken in. I was on top of a sand dune, shooting directly towards a setting sun. As most of you will know, shooting directly into the sun is not easy at all. Initially I tried to use the graduated ND […]


This photo was taken around 2008 while I was on a photo tour with a local photography group. The group co-ordinator took us to nooks and crannies of Auckland that I had no idea existed. A whole block of run down, broken buildings waiting to be demolished (and probably have been demolished by now). Thoughts running through my head that day were of surprise and conflict. So close to the beautiful buildings in CBD was this block of run down […]