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This Week’s Photo – Private – Fan Ho

This week’s photo, titled Private is by a late Chinese photographer, Fan Ho. One of the things that sticks out for me is the conceptual contrast and juxtaposition in this image. A photographer, photographing the “Private” sign, while also including a couple in a seemingly intimate moment in the same frame. Had the sign not been there, it would have been an image of the couple. But with the sign, the image becomes about the juxtaposition and contrast. Balance in […]

This Week’s Photo – Boy in Mid-Flight – Steve McCurry

This week’s photo is another one from Steve McCurry. This one was taken in Jodhpur, which is about a train ride away from location of the last picture, Agra. This image has numerous ingredients of a hallmark photograph. It has mystery – those hand imprints on the wall – what are they and what do they represent? The image has moment – the boy in mid-flight. I’m very certain that if they boy was not in mid-flight, the image wouldn’t […]

This Week’s Photo – Boy with Pistol – Elliot Erwitt

I think the last image I shared from Elliot Erwitt was humorous. This one, on the surface, is humorous but something gnaws at me and tells me that there is a darker theme to this image. Perhaps it is the tragic juxtaposition of a young, playful kid holding, what I assume is a toy gun to his temple. I mean, what would prompt a young kid to pose with a gun to his forehead? Perhaps being an African American in […]

This Week’s Photo – Snow – Saul Leiter

This week’s photo that I have chosen is a Saul Leiter classic from 1960. It is worth remembering that in 1960, colour photography was not that common among photographers and seen as a bit of a gimmick among “real” photographers. Saul Leiter, with his colour work that he did in his personal time, played a major role in bringing colour photography to the mainstream. This particular photograph, of a man standing on snow shot through a glass, has become synonymous […]