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This Week’s Photo – Holi Festival, Rajasthan – Steve McCurry

As I continue to build up towards my upcoming trip to the Taj Mahal and Rajasthan, I want to explore few more iconic pictures from that part of the world. The one is from Steve McCurry, taken during the Holi festival in Rajasthan. This is a simply beautiful image. I’m first to admit that I do not understand colour theory all that well. But what I do know is that red and green sit opposite each other on the colour […]

This Week’s Photo – Three Boys at Lake Tanganyika – Martin Munkácsi

This week’s photograph is by a Hungarian photographer, often called the father of fashion photography, Martin Munkácsi. This particular image, of three boys at lake Tanganyika taken in 1929 inspired the young Henri Cartier-Bresson who himself said, “For me, this photograph was the spark that ignited my enthusiasm. I suddenly realized that, by capturing the moment, photography was able to achieve eternity. It is the only photograph to have influenced me. This picture has such intensity, such joie de vivre, […]

This Week’s Photo – Wrestlers Through the Painted Gate – Raghu Rai

This week’s photo is by an Indian contemporary photographer, Raghu Rai. I think there are few key compositional tools at play in this photograph. The first one, and perhaps the most obvious one is the division of the frame, in roughly the thirds as shown in the sketch below. This allows the action in the middle of the frame to be isolated from rest of the scene, allowing the eye to go straight to the action instead of wandering around […]

This Week’s Photo – Sudan Famine – Tom Stoddart

This Week’s Photo, taken during the Sudan Famine by Tom Stoddart, saddens and frustrates me at the level of inequality depicted in the image – how can, we humans, be so untouched by the plight of the less fortunate? It’s also the image I’ve found particularly difficult to write about. I think this is because there aren’t many particular compositional elements to it for example – the strong leading lines or the S-curves or color – all the stuff that’s […]