Damn The Defiant.

I love looking at photographs. Especially the photographs that connect with me beyond the superficial. These are the images that once I look at them, I can’t stop thinking about them and I keep going back to them time and again.

Once such image that I came across very recently was photographed by Bruce Davidson in Alabama during a civil rights protest in 1963.

I believe the image is called Damn The Defiant and when you look at it in some detail, you know exactly why.

It’s an incredibly powerful image. The satire and irony in the image is powerful and it’s almost as if an unknown force in the environment is captioning and commenting on the arrest of the protestor.

It’s hardly an image that is technically perfect. The policeman on the left is cut in half. But that does not take anything away from the image – if anything, it adds to the image and represents the chaotic times that I image these protests were.

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