Holy Sh##! Now We Can All Be Award Winning Photographers

If you’ve been in a race to make your own ‘Award-Winning’ photos, I’m sorry to break it to you – but you’ve just lost the race to automation.

Satirically named the Trophy Camera, this AI-powered camera only shoots ‘Award-Winning’ photos.

Full automation seems to be the unrestrained goal of technology and that includes photography and other creative works. Consider the AI that wrote a novel and nearly won a literary award.

These advances in technology may seem damning for the creative soul but I welcome them with open arms – because one race that we can’t lose to automation is being human. AI by definition, can not replicate humanity. And there may be no better way (either now or when robots take over) to differentiate ourselves other than by creating work that is deeply personal.

I believe we need to strive to become more human in our photography. We need to be more personal in our reasons for taking that shot, our choice of subjects, our compositions, our use of colors. We need to have a piece of ourselves in our art. Because if for no other reason – whatever is personal to us is one thing that automation can not replicate. Do not wait for automation to take over to start creating work that is personal. That time is now. Leave the routine work to robots.

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