Personal Project – Impressionist Landscapes

It is hard for me to put the definition in words – but let  me try. Impressionism, to me at least, is a form of art that conveys an emotion without the distraction of details. It is the expression between the lines. In elementary terms, it is photograph attempts to make an emotional impression on the viewer.

I’ve always enjoyed impressionist photography but almost always rejected it as ‘not really photography’ or just as bit of a joke. It is only now that I am starting to grasp the power of this style of photography. Not only in the end results themselves, but also in helping my development as a photographer who makes an impact.

This is why I am undertaking my next personal project to capture outdoor and landscape subjects in an impressionist manner. Purpose of this personal project will be to explore how non-literal impressionist photography can be just as powerful in evoking emotional response in readers of the photographs.

As  the end result, I am hoping to capture 16 images that attempt to convey basic human emotions. What these emotions are, perhaps I’ll leave it to the reader to interpret.

There are few ways, that I know of, to bring impressionism to photography. I will be playing around with all of these techniques during this project.

Intentional Camera Movement

We have all seen these images. Slow shutter speed with camera movement – usually up and down the tree or left-right along the horizon. Intentional zooming in or out of the lens also fits under this.

Slow Shutter Speed

Probably best for subject(s) that move a lot.

Focus (or lack of)

Focus, obviously, is a powerful way to eliminate details from a photograph.

Digital Image Blending

Since my 7D doesn’t support in camera blending, digital blending might be the way to go. Like in the feature photo of this post, I think this is a neat option. I hope to limit the time spent on computer doing post processing.

Post Processing

I would like to think that post processing for these images won’t be too dissimilar to my normal workflow. Focus during post processing will be to accentuate features that help conveying the emotion and eliminate or restrict those that take away from it.

All of The Above

What the heck, it’s about having fun.

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