Monochrome Auckland Downtown

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One of my earliest memories when it comes to photography is looking at night images of light trails cast by moving vehicles. This memory became my inspiration for the personal project that I am currently working on. I am yet to name it, but it involves shooting Auckland landscapes at night in a manner different to how I have shot them before.

I have decided to make all the images in this project black and white and cropped to square. I will also be using focal length of 250mm and higher in this project. I chose these constraints to force me to step away from how I have shot this subject in past (two words – wide and colourful) and how others have also shot it over and over again. I also am excited about cropping to square, if only to see what comes out of it at end of it all. I’ve always wanted to try square format ever since coming across Michael Kenna’s work. Being curious is a wonderful gift.

These images were taken last week and offer a sneak-peek into the project. I love the simplicity and contrast of these images. I love the intimacy between the buildings, due to them being shot at 250mm and up. I also love the images with car light streaks; I’m just a big fan of lines in photography.

I will continue to shoot and share  as I continue photographing this exhilarating personal project. Stay tuned.

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