Arshdeep Matharu – New Zealand Fine Art Photographer.. of sorts.

Night and Day

This week's photo was taken on a beach in west Auckland called Kerekere. I was photographing with a friend and on this evening, as far as we could see, we were the only two people on the whole beach. It was just after sunset and the weather was starting to close in. Towards the end of the shoot, I noticed that on one side of the beach was clear, evening sky and the other side had dark, thick clouds. This […]

New Approach to Photography

Photographers, creatives, and artists tend to be ADHD prone. I’m not making this up; Psychology Today lists studies which have suggested the same. This is has certainly been my experience, at least when it comes to photography. In past I have photographed various subjects in the outdoor world, and often with various techniques. I’ve gone from shooting at nights and then shooting at the sea the next morning. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing this, but in my experience […]

Whatipu Sunset

This week I am sharing a photo that has been a long time favorite for me. This photo was shot in Whatipu which is a secluded beach in Auckland. I love this photo because of the challenging situations it was taken in. I was on top of a sand dune, shooting directly towards a setting sun. As most of you will know, shooting directly into the sun is not easy at all. Initially I tried to use the graduated ND […]

Gear does not define the photographer

As hard as it is for me to admit it, I will come right out and say it. I do not own a full frame camera and own none of the lenses with a shiny red ring. I own few filters but they are not high end by any stretch of imagination and my tripod is a fairly basic. But the reason why it is hard for me to admit this publicly is because somewhere in my mind, I connected […]