Arshdeep Matharu – New Zealand Fine Art Photographer.. of sorts.

The Soul of the Camera: A Foreword

I think I refer to David duChemin in my words way more times than I am comfortable with. But there is a reason for that. He’s been a big source of inspiration since I read his first book, Within The Frame more than 7 years ago. For me to put down my thoughts about photography on paper – and not occasionally to refer to what I have learnt from David would be disingenuous. There simply is no other photographer who […]

Three Things I Learnt From Netflix’s Abstract: Art of Design – Episode 1

I recently came across a brilliant documentary, Abstract Art of Design on Netflix. In Netflix’s own words, the documentary series is, “a look beyond blueprints and computers into the art and science of design, showcasing great designers from every discipline whose work shapes our world.” If you’ve never watched an episode, perhaps the trailer below will tempt you. I have decided to follow this series on Netflix in a hope of picking out insights that apply to us photographers and […]


To understand a spoken language, we break it down to its alphabets which eventually connect to make words which connect to make a sentence. To understand photographic language, I believe we need to break it down to its basic elements and understand each element in detail on the role it plays individually and as a part of a bigger image. This is what I hope to achieve in my new personal photography project, Elements. It’s one thing for me to […]

Extracting still frames from 4K video.. photography?

Last weekend I finally upgraded from 7D to my first full frame camera, 5D Mark 4 (more on this in a near future). One of things that this camera can do (I’m sure there are many others on the market which can do the same) is extract 8-megapixel stills from a 4k video. I don’t think we are too far from being able to extract 12 or 16-megapixel stills from 6k or 8k videos in near future. To put this […]