Personal Projects – An Update

I’m a big fan of personal projects in photography. I deeply believe that personal projects give our work context and cohesion.

One of my previous personal projects – Wild West attempted to capture the beauty of Auckland’s west coast, which is known for it’s ruggedness. I attempted to capture that ruggedness in my photographs.

Now I thought I’d write a short a blog post to update on two personal projects I’m currently working on. My work is not limited to these two projects but these projects are what’s on my mind quite often when I am out shooting.

Abstract Landscapes

A project consisting of 24 abstract images taken in outdoor spaces exploring the strong and peculiar side of life. All images will be in in colour and cropped to the quirky ratio 5×4.

Dark Seas

Perhaps a natural extension of my project Wild West, this project that I am working on will consist 28 images loosely based on themes of darkness, desolation, melancholy and perhaps, a faint hope. All images are in black & white and in landscape format.

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