Monochrome Cities

One of my earliest memories when it comes to photography is looking at night images of light trails cast by moving vehicles. This memory became my inspiration for this personal project. I originally named it ‘Monochrome Auckland’ but after moving to Wellington, I decided to include pictures from Wellington to it. Idea behind the project was to shoot the night shots in a manner who I have not shot them before.

I have decided to make all the images in this project black and white and cropped to square. I chose these constraints to force me to step away from how I have shot this subject in past (two words – wide and colourful) and how others have also shot it over and over again. I also wanted to push and challenge myself to see in a new way. I also am excited about cropping to square – I’ve always wanted to try square format ever since coming across Michael Kenna’s work.

From about 200 or so photos shot for this project, I narrowed it down to 16. I hope these photos tell a story and are visually engaging.




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