Wild West

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Auckland’s West Coast – consisting of five main beaches – Whatipu, Kerekere, Piha, Bethells and Muriwai have always been the places where I have found solitude. That’s not to say that these places are peaceful or even quiet. To me, these waterfronts at best of times are wild, rugged, dark and angry. The stories of missing people, drownings, sinking ferries and hauntings that have added to the legend of these places. Yet there is something magnificent about them.

It is perhaps the vastness of these places that has rendered me invisible and insignificant over and over again while being in their presence. It is while being on these locations, taking it all in that has provided me with perspective to understand how insignificant everything is, relative to our place in the universe. I have lost and found myself over and over again while photographing these places. I feel blessed to have been able to call these places home.

In this photographic assignment that I set out for myself, I wanted to capture these places as I saw and as I felt about them. It was not my intention to photograph these places exactly how they are but rather to photograph what I felt about these places. And the following are the words/feelings that I wanted to capture in these photographs.







I decided to shoot it all in black and white cropped to 16:9. I chose this format to highlight the sense of vastness.

This was my premise in shooting this personal project. How you feel about it, I shall leave up to you.

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