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The Compelling Frame

I’m writing this form warm and sunny New Caledonia – French territory in middle of the Pacific Ocean. Originally, I wasn’t planning on publishing anything while on holiday but this is time critical. David duChemin has just launched The Compelling Frame – an online course covering all aspects of visual design. Essentially, it’s teaching you the vocabulary of the visual language. Lessons are video based and they also have an exercises section. Here’s David talking about the course himself. The […]

This Week’s Photo – UnSeen – David duChemin

This week’s image that I have selected to share for discussion is called UnSeen by David duChemin in Nepal. It’s an image of an elderly street beggar who remains unnoticed and to a large extent – unseen by the passerby. This story is told powerfully by use of slower shutter speed to highlight the contrast between the movements of the passerby while the subject remains static. Another element to note about this image is the powerful use of leading lines […]

The Soul of the Camera by David duChemin: A Review

It feels rather odd, if not completely wrong to be reviewing and in the process, judging a book, painting, a photo or anything authored by not only someone you deeply admire but by someone with decades of more experience that you in the said craft. I shared my affinity for David duChemin in the last blog post and since then, I’ve read the pdf copy of his latest book, The Soul of the Camera: The Photographers Place in Picture-Making.   […]