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Holy Sh##! Now We Can All Be Award Winning Photographers

If you’ve been in a race to make your own ‘Award-Winning’ photos, I’m sorry to break it to you – but you’ve just lost the race to automation. Satirically named the Trophy Camera, this AI-powered camera only shoots ‘Award-Winning’ photos. Full automation seems to be the unrestrained goal of technology and that includes photography and other creative works. Consider the AI that wrote a novel and nearly won a literary award. These advances in technology may seem damning for the […]

Gear does not define the photographer

As hard as it is for me to admit it, I will come right out and say it. I do not own a full frame camera and own none of the lenses with a shiny red ring. I own few filters but they are not high end by any stretch of imagination and my tripod is a fairly basic. But the reason why it is hard for me to admit this publicly is because somewhere in my mind, I connected […]