The Compelling Frame

I’m writing this form warm and sunny New Caledonia – French territory in middle of the Pacific Ocean. Originally, I wasn’t planning on publishing anything while on holiday but this is time critical.

David duChemin has just launched The Compelling Frame – an online course covering all aspects of visual design. Essentially, it’s teaching you the vocabulary of the visual language.

Lessons are video based and they also have an exercises section. Here’s David talking about the course himself.

The course is $295 USD – so definitely a decent financial investment – but my impression so far is that it has been worth it. Although admittedly, I haven’t yet had a change to fully get my teeth into the course.

The course is also time limited and at the time of writing this, it’s only going to be open for another four and half days. If you are interested, enrol now – and if you then find the content hasn’t been worth it, you can get your money back with a 30-day refund.

There are 19 lessons in total and I’ll be doing 1-2 lessons a week. It is quite likely that I’ll be doing the creative exercises and publishing my thoughts/answers from those exercises. I’m yet to think through how I can do it without giving away the content of the course.

So, if you love learning the language of photography – please head to TheCompellingFrame.com now.

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