This Week’s Photo – Boy in Mid-Flight – Steve McCurry

This week’s photo is another one from Steve McCurry. This one was taken in Jodhpur, which is about a train ride away from location of the last picture, Agra.

This image has numerous ingredients of a hallmark photograph.

It has mystery – those hand imprints on the wall – what are they and what do they represent?

The image has moment – the boy in mid-flight. I’m very certain that if they boy was not in mid-flight, the image wouldn’t have been as dynamic.

The image has strong leading lines. Taking our focus and eyes to the boy.

The image has colour – cool colour blue in contrast with the warm colour of the wall on right. There is contrast within the coloured walls themselves showing their age.

The image has right light – the diffused light means that there are no harsh shadows in the image.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that this image has gone on to become one of McCurry’s iconic images. It has just about everything that is required to make it one heck of a compelling image.

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