This Week’s Photo – Holi Festival, Rajasthan – Steve McCurry

As I continue to build up towards my upcoming trip to the Taj Mahal and Rajasthan, I want to explore few more iconic pictures from that part of the world.

The one is from Steve McCurry, taken during the Holi festival in Rajasthan.

This is a simply beautiful image.

I’m first to admit that I do not understand colour theory all that well. But what I do know is that red and green sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. This makes them contrasting/opposite/complementary colours and that is what makes them work so well in this image. The photographer probably couldn’t have asked for or planned for, a better colour combination.

There is also a great moment captured in the image. Joie de vivre, like in the last image. The moment is captured in the person’s shut eyes.

Then there is also the strong diagonal line formed by the person in green. This gives the image a strong sense of energy and dynamism.

And finally, there is a visual echo and repeating elements formed by the turbans of the men.

It is an obvious thing to say, but I think Steve McCurry gets composition. He understands the language of photography. And this is seen again and again in his images, including in this one.

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