This Week’s Photo – Pepper No. 30 – Edward Weston

This week’s photo is a classic Edward Weston photograph of a pepper that he took sometime in 1930s. To me, this image is all about shape and light.

The shape is formed by the lines and curves that start and finish rather mischievously – often starting and finishing in obscurity. The curves that outline the pepper help form the shape of the pepper

The light in this picture is also amazing. Illuminated from top right, the quality of the light gives the pepper a very three dimensional look and feel – making it almost pop out of the image. The quality of the light even gives texture to things that you might expect not to have any texture to the naked eye – for example, the surface of the pepper. Imagine a different type of lighting for this image – lit from front – and how flat that image would have surely looked.

Now for those imagining adult overtones in the image, Edward Weston has a final message for you.

As you like it ‒ but this is just a pepper ‒ nothing else ‒ to the impure – all things are impure.



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