This Week’s Photo – Private – Fan Ho

This week’s photo, titled Private is by a late Chinese photographer, Fan Ho.

One of the things that sticks out for me is the conceptual contrast and juxtaposition in this image. A photographer, photographing the “Private” sign, while also including a couple in a seemingly intimate moment in the same frame. Had the sign not been there, it would have been an image of the couple. But with the sign, the image becomes about the juxtaposition and contrast.

Balance in the image is achieved with three elements. The thick horizontal line at the bottom gives the image stability and balance. Visually, the window and the private sign balance each other out.

Only thing I’m not sure is the elements on the top right of the corner – did the photographer include them on purpose?

In terms of visual weight, the eye goes to the couple – simply because they are human so they have a strong pull. Also, the window is placed more prominently in the photograph, so that pulls the eye a lot more.

The image is also timed perfectly with the couple in the intimate moment. I feel that the image may have been a set-up – after all, Fan Ho was also a film director. But that does not take away from the power of the image.

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